Asian Women have been portrayed in media with such negative connotations which has lead to society to hold stereotypes and ideals of people based of ethnicity rather than who they are and what they have to offer. 





Madonna's Sex Book


String Theory






Today I took the first initiative to really narrow down ideas I had for the Unit 7 Project. With intention to use this project to test out new skills and really adapt to a design process through researching and developing ideas with more depth rather than just sticking to my initial ideas as critiqued for Part 2 of the course. Coming in today with only ideas and not set inspiration although but inspiration from media I watched on the weekend to gain these ideas allowed me to openly discuss ideas in which i resort to one. 


Top Initial Idea discussed in class:


Asian Persuasion

What makes us Asian


 Asian Women within current society and how they can be stereotyped as submissive individuals in which a culture of owning their sexuality and being dominant women in society has become taboo. Media has portrayed East Asians on the reflection of the western perception rather than realistic and authentic deceptions of true cultures. Wanting to explore and create something in which empowers and portrays them as dominant individuals. 

Inspiration: Being half asian growing up in Hong Kong I've been exposed to vast amount of cultures and understanding that culture plays a big role in how people chose to treat you and view you. An observation of Asian students with English as their second language (still learning and have an accent) from both living in Hong Kong and London was how some feel embarrassed and self conscious of their accents. For example a French accent is seen sophisticated and cute although when it comes to a Chinglish accent it seems a measure of intelligence in which it shouldn't be. Which holds a part into why they are perceived as submissive as well as the whole fetish phenomenon with young school asian girls. 


-Idea may be to stretched and specific for starting point

-The end result might just look like I could be making a fetish campaign 

- I already have ideas of what could be the final outcome in which I can't follow through with this idea as I need to have a process and not an initial concrete solution

-Go back and look at other ideas or how i can adapt this idea


Title Ideas

Temptations or Fetish

(Dominatrix but done with class- like so how Madonna in her Erotica book)

-Erotica (inspired from Madonna's ownership of sexuality)

Behind the SEAMS 

(just a name no idea behind it yet) 

Co-Existing Energies 

(Conspiracy Theory based on quantum mechanics and the string theory; in simple form a scientific theory that were made out of strings and I can play with the idea of emerging technologies as we can now create vast amount of things with 3D Printing. Can we soon create technology that can create a human or is that just what we are) 

What makes us Human or Mutation

(extending the STRATA project in which I played with the idea of mutation)



How did this workshop help the motive for unit 7 project proposal?

What ideas did I explore; what worked and didnt work?

 Analysing past project proposals how does this give me an understanding of what is to be expected?


This discussion with other students and Helmert has made me step back and look over my ideas again to have a more broad yet not to specific concept with a process i can follow rather than a known concrete solution. Although I don't want to scrap the idea of empowerment and dominance although I can find solutions to still hold onto that with changing my direction for the project proposal. I found some ideas didn't work and some did although initially these ideas don't have a solid backing for the reasoning for it. Looking at past Unit 7 Project Proposals I was able to see the formatting of the proposal and what i found strong and weak as not all the proposal's in my opinion were good including grammar. In which we were told to look closely to, making our projects more professional. 









2.2.2018 - 12.2.2018 



After finishing all my interviews I had narrowed my choices down to Central Saint Martins; Jewellery and London College of Fashion; Cordwainders Fashion Accessories and Bags based on my new interests and the atmosphere I got from the two interviews. 





Submitting part 2 I knew I rushed alot of my sketchbook due to bad time management. With feedback that really highlighted what i need to work on to receive a better mark and process. 


"You have an intelligent and insightful use of reflection and the research that you gather is comprehensive. You need to spend more time in your sketchbook to resolve a design before committing to making a final piece. There are gaps, you are a clever student but it all appears rushed and haphazard. There should be evidence of a coherent working strategy in place by now.
The work presented highlights potential and ideas are strong but it is very light on design process, focus on documenting idea and design development in the future. "

With this constructive criticism I was able to get a kick in which I can analyse what I have done and what I need further improvement for the UNIT 7 project. In which I need to improve my time management and design process which will help with giving myself deadlines and a timetable in order to finish what has to be done for external deadlines. 




 I used this whole day to spend time in writing my UNIT 7 project proposal in which I had to resort to an idea. Before this date I was leading to a concept that allows me to explore expectations of women within modern day society and how activists within history have transformed expectations of what it means to be a woman. My intention to produce a design which is bold, loud and strong that represents what a woman can be. I plan to learn out more about gender politics, modern day movements and expand my knowledge on issues women face everyday outside of my own experiences. Seeking to explore skills in sewing, and creating base structures for a structural piece dependent on material exploration.


What feedback did you get from your concept?

Where does that lead me?

 Feedback on the concept of exploring women in society and making a design in which makes them bold, empowered and dominant I was suggested to look into problems that have been faced in history and what current day issues are to derive a process and not to explore all the issues but to be more specific. This made rethink about the Madonna "Like A Virgin" performance wearing the infamous Gaultier cone bra and how she used a number of things to own her sexuality, leaving the stigma that women should be frowned upon for being dominant and sexual beings. It really inspired me to choose women as the concept and from feedback in what to look at. I will begin to look at what women in history have done with media as a platform to share a message. The feedback most importantly led me to know what I have to look into during my upcoming research week; gender politics, dominatrix, media, feminism etc.







 DAY 1

Today I analysed my UNIT 7 project proposal taking a step back and trying to see what i really want to look into. Looking back at the initial inspiration of the Madonna  live performance made me realise I don't want to just think of the concept is empowering women but looking into what has brought us to where we are now in society. In which I felt strongly towards changing my project concept and description. I felt when I wrote the first draft proposal I was rushed and didn't fully think it through. 

 Has your concept changed from initial research? 

My concept has now changed more into women in media and how the media has been the biggest influencer into why our society tends to lean towards stereotypes that are just subject to society and not necessarily what all women are. Determining who and how we should act due to our gender. Has always been determined by media in which now my concept is more media lead. After this whole outlook onto my project concept I feel more passionate about the project simply from re looking at what i have written for myself and changing it. As well as allowing me to evaluate what I need to look into 




 DAY 2

Changing my concept of the project proposal allowed me to formulate what I needed and wanted to research for the project.  Beginning my research with understanding how media in the past has influenced our thoughts in which create the stereotypes we face today. I spent alot of time looking at TEDxtalks and reading interviews. I was interested in thee idea of how we associate attributes based on an individuals gender and how it has impacted peoples lives. My findings of a article on Bacha posh a term used to describe the cultural practice in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The practice in some families without sons pick a daughter to live and behave as a boy. Which enables them to behave more freely, attending school, escorting their sisters and working jobs. Raising the assumptions that women cannot be equivalent to men within society, with the ability to do such things just because they are just a woman. Making the male gender within this culture so important the the other unwanted. A social stigma that leaves a strain on society with the inability to see women as more than what society has manipulated us to know about ourselves. 

A TEDxTalk I watched gave me insight into issues that remain in the society I associate within. In which women have been portrayed as merely objects and men as sexually acceptable predators. And the use of insecurity marketing to persuade individuals to spend money to in the end satisfy men. The irony in the magazines and ads that are made to appeal to women are strategically made to influence our perceptions on gender roles. Which became really interesting to me as I was able to explore the issue of women in media and how its all a social construct, a made up factor that controls everyday lives. 

From the research predominately spending time online finding out about gender politics and objectification has made me more interested in the project. With the intention to create something that is political and places the woman as a concept rather than the object. A design that doesn't subject the wearer to feel uncomfortable yet powerful and dominant. 







From gathering insight from numerous ways in which women have used media as a platform for women rights  has really shown me the multiple paths i can go down for the projects. With artists, activist, performers, designers, everyday normal people using media as a form of raising issues and how they did this was interesting. The use of a performative piece was really interesting and something I can further look into as a final outcome. Although the biggest influence from the research is still how individuals use media as a platform in a confrontational way in which becomes striking to viewers. As well as the gathered research i find myself strongly feeling towards the impact media has left on society. Although it creates a more interconnected world it promotes things in which down the line we become familiarised with the issues created initially making us socially acceptable to issues that still remain. I find myself seeing that alot of what is seen within media is what manipulates our mindset. A sense of how life imitates art. We only act on what we know is to be true and in this sense its the idea that women arent as dominant as men. 

Most my research has concluded me with the idea that:  Media is the biggest influencer that manipulates our perceptions. I love questioning the reality that we live in and the idea of normality. Which is what i want to explore within my work and be a statement for my final piece.If in an alternative reality in which media did not exist would we still believe that men are more dominant? Is it just a social construct that was made to create a hierarchy of humans? 

Things to further look into:

The symbolic elements used to make a statement about society 

Performative Pieces 


How media actually manipulates our perceptions

Psychology behind assumptions and stereotypes 





What books did you find helpful for your research? 


The Vagenda: A Zero Tolerance Guide to the Media by Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Skimming a few chapters as I had no time to spend reading 11 chapters I was able to see how the book analyses sexism throughout the years and how we see sexism with magazines, work and bodies.  Really commenting about how media has been used to manipulate the power of women and the use of insecurity marketing. Skimming this book I already was aware of issues that were brought up although their were lines I found that really shows the reality that we live in. And it also makes me question what the hell do people care about when it comes to gender. Making me really envisage this project ending in a piece that is more for editorial purposes rather than functionality or simply the aesthetic because my concept is quite social and political in which i feel i need to create something that is both strong and controversial without needing to market this woman as an object but a strong individual. 

Quotes from the book that i find extremely interesting: 

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that women lose their virginity and men gain experience” 

 "The message - that men are professionals and women are objects ..." 

Alot of this novel explored more about modern day issues within developed worlds and the 'lad culture' that has been socially acceptable with even a American president who diminishes women worth by locker room talks. Making me even more inspired to create a piece that will allow a woman to be unapologetically confident within her body and ownership of self such as how Madonna did in the Like a Virign live performance. 

Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences

"Sex discrimination is supposedly a distant memory. This title dispels the pseudo-scientific claims about the differences between the sexes. It shows how old myths, dressed up in the scientific finery, help perpetuate the status quo. It reveals the mind's plasticity, and shows the influence of culture on identity."

This book was such an integral part into my research because it really took my interest as it was how the psychological factors play into social expectations. With research, applied science, human nature, parenting, workplace on the issue of gender. A debunking of 'neuro-sexism' and exposing the truth about our brains and if we women knew the truth they'd no longer feel like they had to toss their gender overboard in order to pursue their dreams. It was an interesting read that really makes me want to look into the anatomy of women and men. I found it interesting as understanding what it means to be a boy or a girl is one of the first things we try to understand about ourselves when born. And through research they found that when one girl is put in a room with boys to complete an exam she receives a mark relatively lower than if she was in a room with even or more girls representing the idea that women put themselves down based on their gender. As well as how when boys are asked to think about their marks they think higher than what they actually got and girls were found to think their marks were lower than they actually were. showing that within society based on gender we see it as a platform for intelligence and skill. Whilst scientifically found the concept of a 'male' and 'female' brain has become flawed.  






 The media section in tate modern was the most relative to my project concept. With alot of different styles in addressing issue of women within society. The Guerrilla Girls section was so simple, minimalistic yet so impactful. Whilst alot of the photography pieces were extremely eye striking with portraits of prostitues within red light districts and one of a women pulling a tampon out. 

From this visit to the tate i found the most interesting artworks and photographs to be ones which included words that gave more impact. 

Making me think about the use of words or quotes within my work although how i would be able to do it without it looking tacky and overdone. As well as if this would make a design more of an art piece than an accessory although I do think that fashion accessories can have such a range for more conceptual, advant garde pieces, commercial pieces, editorial pieces etc. Making my more comfortable with the idea of experimenting different designs and how I can then adapt politics in it or if i should start my designs with the intention to be very political. 


Experimenting with the anatomy I have began exploring ideas of mostly shoulder pieces that create an illusion of strength. With the material ideas of working with leather or latex in which i am interested in manipulating the material. Although the pieces might be ironic as i am changing the body to be more masculine although i really want to play with the idea of masculinity and femininity  in a design. 


Did the workshop highlight any aspects of my project that I had not yet considered?

Did the workshop highlight any new interpretations of my research?

Did the workshop help me identify new areas of Research?

Did the workshop change the direction of my project ?

The workshop didn't really highlight aspects of my project I had not yet considered as I've though about further research I need to look into. Although it did give me a new interpretation of my research of thinking more about what research can be sifted out to be more important in the end. As I can gather a bunch of research although what becomes most important in terms of relating it to my sketchbook. It allowed me to look further into the images of research I had with more depth through the workshop activity. Although it had no impact on the direction of my project as I feel at this stage my research is quite mixed in a sense I've looked at numerous mediums such as artists, designers, musicians, activist and alot of interviews/ted talks as well as  started looking at a book about gender politics. 


What university offers did you receive? What will you choose and it is within your expectations?

Receiving all my offers that I applied for I was then stuck thinking about which course I will eventually choose to follow onto the BA. As fashion accessories and jewellery was quite an unexpected turn from initially intended to come to foundation to go product design or architecture made it even more difficult for me to decide which course I want to pick as I don't know which is more right for me. I am deciding between CSM Jewellery and Cordwainders Fashion Bags and Accessories ( Product Design and Innovation). I want to experiment with a variety of materials and i don't know if the courses are broad enough for experimenting with things that might not associate with jewellery. although looking at publications i see designs made that are quite conceptual in which i still want to work with ongoing the BA. i don't want to just focus on commercial products although i do want to learn about them i want to have a mixture. 



 Changing some of my pictures to fit more of the concept as i completely changed the whole concept proposal paragraph to have a theme that shifts more about women within media. As well as extending my bibliography due to research week although it still needs to be updated more as I havent been recording all the research in which i need to start doing more often for recording what i use as inspiration as small as it is advised by a tutor that everything that influences no matter what it is should be considered as research either within sketchbook or workflow or both. 





Have I achieved everything I intended to on independent research week?

After research week and coming back into uni I need to undergo more research to back up my project as it is a longer project. Although I have achieved a foundation start for the project. 

  What idea development have I began to work on based on primary and secondary research?

Alot of my ideas are based on the shoulders or legs creating illusionary fashion that creates dominant and bold shapes upon the body that specifically extending the shoulders to give them more shape and character. Alot of my idea development is driven with what material i want to experiment with: leather or latex. Although now looking back on this i feel as if maybe this is holding me back from exploring more unexpected and conceptual designs. 

Have I been inspired by any new research or concepts?

I spent a few hours exploring  Instagram on my 'business profile' that I have yet to started but following numerous designers whom I love and art accounts. Alot of creepy yeha aesthetic has interest me with her use of leather and metal. Her design minimalistic yet are playing a big role in my idea development currently. As well as posts from Altar Magazine headpieces that make the women in the photographs very androgynous, dominant and bold. 


Feedback from a both Marion and Tamzin: 

Tamzin: dont go down to much of a creepyeha street because i can make something more original with more skill, think maybe about new placement on the body and maybe weaponry like referenced in wonder woman research. 

Marion: expand my research more 

From this feedback I know do feel as if my designs are playing to much on what has been already done and obvious which makes me want to now change the placement onto a new part of the body to produce something more unexpected and expand my skills maybe in metal or keep to thinking about leather as a material. As well as needing to do more research as well as idea development. 


What further research have I undertaken since the feedback?

I looked back on my research and found some designs involving a set with a headpiece in which got me thinking about looking at headpieces as a statement piece and how headpieces associate with women. Headpieces have been both cultural and been modernised such as beyonce live wearing a headpiece during her pregnancy. A sort of statement of women and a kind of 'queen' like perception. I started looking at Alexander Mcqueen and givenchys collab as well as theirry mugler. i was fascinated with theirrys head pieces as the use of material was so bold yet not completely feminine. 

Have you changed the placement on the body?

Now looking towards a head piece or both shoulder and headpiece combinations exploring both dominatrix like designs and a combination of culture and fashion. Adapting umbrella like hats worn in many places such as my moms hometown in the phillipines and giving it an edge. I am not completely sure if i should go down the route of making a headpiece because it is also overdone in fashion and it could turn out to just look like a remake of traditional headpieces which i looked into. 


Today I watched Moulin Rouge for the first time and the headpieces in the film were astounding with character and some inspired by indian culture. the film itself was so beautiful and creatively made and how the woman was every mans dream seen in the first film during her performance with the contrast of her sickness.  Although her performance of diamonds are a girls best friend really amazed me by the design of the corset and hip pieces and how when she wore headpieces they were so feminine yet so dominant and striking. they held an element of empowerment and beauty. 

Maybe diamonds can be a material i can experiment with for the project?


Did the workshop change the direction of my project ?

Did the workshop help decide the placement on the body?

Today the workshop was one of the most valuable in which i will use in the future of the activity of SCAMS with Helmert. 

Subtract: Remove an element 

Combine: Two new sections

Adapt: change scale, what can you reduce or enlarge, change proportion, rearrange sections, turn upside down, inside out

Multiple: repition

Select: Materials and colour choices

Initially I didn't expect the workshop to change the direction of my project although from doing this I was able to experiment with new parts of the body through cutting up prototypes repeating shapes etc. I began cutting up a neck piece prototype and then began playing around with places on the body ending up with these weaponry like finger pieces. Made out of masking tape and wooden scrap sticks. I began to envisage more of the making aspect and materials rather than just thinking about leather. I felt this was the idea i now need to develop on. From completely changing the placement onto the body i have now resolved where the final piece might sit and going away from over done things. 


Feedback from peers on my idea for making weaponry like fingers created a good reaction i feel i should develop it more and get on with development before the break comes and i have to make at home. I took the initiative to go into Archway today to work in the workshop on experimenting with steel to develop my first experiment with the  finger pieces. I wanted to create curve finger pieces that were weaponry like. I went into the workshop and just began making testing what best would work and how they can be more stable but not bulky. I ended up making a few experiments and then a final more stable finger piece that is very weaponry like. 

After making two finger pieces I started thinking about material i can put on the piece such as latex, leather, stockings, paper although I'm not sure about the path I will go down which i might decide after my progress tutorial on Wednesday from feedback. 



My progress tutorial was an opportunity for one on one reflection of my progress for UNIT 7. I was slightly unsure about how to go on with the rest of my project from a tutor perspective in comparison from peer feedback.  Before the tutorial peers loved the first prototype I made for my project and felt empowered by the pieces although I doubted if they were strong enough. 

After my tutorial with Helmert I got a sense of validation of the work I had done and the concept of the finger pieces. His feedback on developing the weaponry like finger designs as a notion for empowerment rather than going down a path of overdone pieces ( I wanted to explore shoulder pieces to build a stronger figure on a womens body). Which allowed me to stop thinking about what could my final design be and work on what I have produced and develop whilst it still encaptures women empowerment.  With advice to look onto creating hard like shells that represent nails which can simply be done with paper gave me the idea instantly of several designs in my head that could end in a series of finger pieces that are changeable. With the idea of one being political, one glam and one bold and striking designs. As well as the idea to look into the idea of nail salons and the idea of women grooming as a ritual. 

From this tutorial I feel I am able to develop my project further with the need of material exploration and to get more into the making aspects as i have resulted the position on the body and the structured design. Although can be shortened to not give off a Wolverine like impression. Although currently i do like the shape and length but I will further experiment to find the best length. 




Work in Progress Reflective Review 

Today all students in 3DDA reviewed one another’s progress into Unit 7 which allowed us to get feedback with people not within the course; tutors and peers. It was a valuable opportunity to see how our work fits within the world and how people interpret our work. Overall feedback from both PDC and ASD were that the sketchbooks were captivating, conceptual and free with an interest in our material exploration. Although both courses commented on the lack of annotation finding it hard to grasp the process in which we undergo. This feedback was highly valuable as I do feel I need to annotate more to give more of an understanding as I took quite a conceptual approach to the project. With this feedback, I do feel I need to improve on annotating my sketchbook further and exploration of materials in comparison to some of the work seen from my class.

Furthermore, ASD questioned where these projects were going to end if there was truly a function for what we will end to create. Specifically, ASD tutor brought up my project and was asking our class as a whole where our accessories may sit within the world. I never made it clear within my sketchbook nor workflow where I intend to see it although I do see my accessory as more of an editorial accessory as well as if I were to create more higher quality pieces they would be targeted to a niche market who may use these pieces for personal editorials, drag shows, performative pieces, costume wear, festivals and not a commercial piece.  From this critic, specifically I felt as if there was a sense of hierarchy in terms of what is more valuable and needed in the world with architecture and product design being more fundamental to society as it serves a function. There’s an abundance of products, accessories and architecture within the world that we don’t necessarily need any more of although I do believe the work we all create can be important within the world and differing markets still remain.

As from my project proposal I do think my theme has developed as my project is developing as I’m finding new ways in which can empower a woman from stepping away from the obvious and making pieces that are on the hands. A part of the body I initially didn’t look at and I feel it ties with the development of the theme of empowerment as a notion of grabbing back and taking control. Looking at sketchbooks from other areas I saw more functionality and practically which I can take for the making of the design.

Committing to an idea at this stage of the project to me felt necessary as I’ve been critiqued on needing more development with an idea as I feel I should do so with the finger like claw accessories I’ve made. Additionally, I committed to this idea from feedback on how empowering the pieces feel and I love the simplicity of them not being so obvious as an accessory for empowerment. In terms of material exploration I really need to push on experimentation and finding what my final material will be most successful and effective. Technical problems I need to solve at this stage of the project is the way it fits on the body as it isn’t as stable as I want the piece to be. As well as my idea to create a shell (nail) of the extended fingers and how I will be able to achieve a curve and fit with a successful material. 

Reflecting on how we work within our specialist course compared to the other specialists I feel as if a lot of how we work is through putting ourselves within our projects and I feel as if the other specialist don’t do enough of that. Although our course has been critiqued if we make the projects to personal which I find a valuable piece of feedback. Reinforcing me to step back from my work and seeing if I haven’t made it to personal although I find it highly important that I am still expressed through my work, if not I don’t feel passionate about what I’m making. And I find myself vicariously living through making pieces that could empower someone else.  Both PDC and ASD are very functional and very much user centered in which maybe should be a more important aspect to how I work. My progress compared to others I feel I need to update my sketchbook and add the development I did on loose papers. I will use my Easter break to finish making my final design as well as work on both my sketchbook and workflow getting them up to date.


Getting back to working with only a week left of the easter break was bad time management with still no idea what my final material is going to be for the shells of the design. experimentation with paper, acetate and vinyl paper hasnt created the effect i want for my final pieces although i am still planning to make more than one shell for the final outcomes to be ready for photography day  



when watching videos on youtube i came across a material called thermoplastic in which its mouldable when heat is applied so i ordered it and it arrived today so i began molding the pieces onto the steel based structures in which the material itself worked although i had to experiment more to get more smooth finishes because when they begin to harder the shape can drop and i had to figure out how i can remove and put on the shells again as i wanted them to be removable pieces  




 Research was an ongoing process in which added extreme amounts of value to my making. It gave more value to it as I was fully engaged within the process of the theme I was exploring. I researched about what I wanted to know more about expanding my interpretation of women in media, gender performance, de objectification, gender politics, and designers. Although turning my research into a visual format within the sketchbook was time costly. And i found it difficult to do it constantly as alot of my work is predominately my love for making rather than documentation. Although I understood the process of documenting my research as it shows how i started and got to the final outcome as well as being able to go back to look at my research and incorporate throughout

Idea development

My process of idea development went from exploring shoulder pieces, head pieces into then finger weaponry pieces. I feel i could have explored more of my ideas with more experimentation although I am happy that i had tutors advice and workshops as the SCAMS workshop activity was how i got to the idea of placing pieces on the hands instead of doing things that have been done before such as head and shoulder pieces.  



My making process was an opportunity for me to adapt new skills and problem-solving methods. Throughout this process I was able to familiarize myself with the amount of issues that arise and how I was able to overcome it or learn from it for the future. With making i experienced alot of issues although having to go on with it enabled me to finish my designs in time. however if i had more time to make the pieces i would of spent more time on the detailing of the pieces and creating more shell sets. 

 Tutorial advice-technical workshops and time scheduling

 Tutorial advice was helpful at times as i was able to take a step back and look at my work from another angle. as well as advice on how i can go on with the project or what research to look at was tremendous amounts of help on my project. technical workshop advice was given by the soldering technician in which i was able to learn new skills as this year was the first time i used metal as a material. The use of my time action plan was constantly looked back upon and updated although I didn’t fully keep to it. i kept going back and pushing down tasks i set for myself in which in the future for my projects i set to plan out the documentation of all my research and work as i could of done it better if i had more time.   



Today was the photoshoot day in which i spent alot of time thinking about makeup and poses for my model because i felt alot of my piece was an editiorial piece in which becomes a political statement. With this amount of preparation one of my sets the dangerous diamond set was unfinished because i ran out of diamonds which were ordered for tomorrow. although i went into the shoot with the intention to photoshop and after the pictures i felt extremley proud of my work and the way they turned out in the images 


 Due to my lack of time management alot of my work could of been more finessed if i had more time but it was an opportunity for me to learn about what i really have to do in the future to work towards deadlines. Although I had intended to make more sets for the project i envisaged after the shoot that i want to make more pieces after starting my business instagram . 










“The racism towards Asians is unjust and often overlooked. It is subtly embedded in our culture and needs to stop, as well as all the stereotypes towards us. It has a huge impact on our everyday lives.” Read the rest of @carlymcdonald’s piece: ‘Through The Eyes of an Asian: The Unseen Racism Against Us’ - @gurlstalk








Mutation Project (my final design)


(Feb 1st) Notes Taken



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